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Buffalo in the News:


Buffalo Genome unveiled 

Turkey’s water buffalo population sees sharp drop

Creamery, meat farm looks to double water buffalo herd

Salisbury farm tackles water buffalo milk cheeses

Buffalo Bulletin Vol.35 No.2 (June 2016) is available at

Video Clip of Raising Buffalo in New Jersey  --

 Buffalo Bulletin Vol.35 No.2 (June 2016) is available at  

10/21/2015 -- Water Buffalo Become Newest Tenants at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Asian Buffalo Magazine, July to Dec 2015 issue Vol 9 No 2 - Magazine 

News Snippets! 

Illinois just approved water buffalo milk for sale -12/30/14 

Buy Buffalo Milk - shipped through out the USA - ! -


"Búfalos Proteina" Presentation  -- Originally in Portuguese 

From Alcides de Amorim Ramos (9/12/2014)


Buffalo -- The Light Protein Solution for the 3rd Millennium.  

A high proportion of premature adult deaths (35%) can be attributed to cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes.  

Buffalo food products aid in the prevention of degenerative illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, free radicals, obesity, etc.  In order to  classified as "light", a product must have 25% fewer calories  -- buffalo is actually "super light" protein because it has 55% fewer calories than ox (beef).  

The concept of good nutrition has been forgotten. Hippocraties said 2-1/2 thousand years ago that 90% of human illnesses "come from the mouth"; that's still true today.  

When cooking buffalo meat, always apply high heat first to force a contraction of the channels and avoid dehydration. After this heat can be reduced to continue cooking.  Do not apply salt just prior to cooking as this pulls out juices and dehydrates the meat. Either salt buffalo well in advance of cooking to let it absorb properly (which helps meat reabsorb moisture) or season the meat  after cooking.

Buffalo milk has two times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than cows milk. CLA is an anticancer substance and acts on the side effects of obesity, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Compared with cow's milk, buffalo milk makes nearly twice the amount of cheese and the cheese has 30% less cholesterol.

In the East, buffalo milk is used as a sexual stimulant (an aphrodisiac). 

The biggest mistake made in education today is that teachers do not teach human nutrition to students. "In the truth, we learn to better feed our pigs than our children."

After the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, in the old Soviet Union, buffalo milk was the food that more quickly eliminated radioactivity residues, as so is considered a strategic food in the case of nuclear catastrophes.

Cooperbúfalo. Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  A cooperative effort to organize the production chain of the water buffalo industry, working in production, transport, storage, processing and marketing of buffalo products and associated services.  

Water buffaloes -- Good for the pocket (economical), good for the heart (health), good for the planet (environment).

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Upcoming Events:  

Symposium of Europe , Mexico and Americas 20-25 nov. 2017 Campeche , Mexico 

International Buffalo Symposium on November 2017 in Nepal

IX Asian Buffalo Congress, February 1-4 2018, Hisar, India 


11th World Buffalo Congress - Columbia - 2016  - Cartagena, Colombia  11/2016

8th Buffalo Symposium of Americas and Europe's - Guatemala - Nov. 18-20, 2015 

Asian Water Buffalo Congress  -- Istanbul, Turkey  - April 21-25, 2015 

VII Symposium of the Europe and Americas  - San Jose, Costa Rica  - May 5-6, 2014 

IBF - Training Course On Buffalo Management and Industry - Latina, Italy - June 16-27, 2014 



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Craig Raminini founder of: passed away - 1/30/2015

Dr. Wy Cripe died Dec. 28 in Micanopy, Fla., just 12 days after the death of his wife, Marnelle Filippini Cripe. Both were 93 and had been married for 71 years

“He was interested in water buffalo because they had the ability to do so many things,” his daughter said. “They are draft animals and they are dairy animals … true mozzarella cheese is made from milk from water buffalo.”

He was subsequently recruited by the University of Florida to help establish a new College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, and he was the first dean of student and public services.

There, Dr. Cripe continued his research on water buffalo. Along with Drs. Maarten Drost and Joe Wright, Dr. Cripe successfully performed the first water buffalo embryo transfer in 1982.

Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:

"The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well."



The 10th World Buffalo Congress / 

The 7th Asian Buffalo Congress

was held in Phuket, Thailand during 6-8 May, 2013. 

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