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1.     Buffalo -- The Light Protein Solution for the 3rd Millennium.


2.     A high proportion of premature adult deaths (35%) can be attributed to cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes.


3.     Buffalo food products aid in the prevention of degenerative illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, free radicals, obesity, etc.


4.     In order to classified as "light", a product must have 25% fewer calories  -- buffalo is actually "super light" protein because it has 55% fewer calories than ox (beef). 


5.     The concept of good nutrition has been forgotten. Hippocrates said 2-1/2 thousand years ago that 90% of human illnesses "come from the mouth"; that's still true today. 


6.     When cooking buffalo meat, always apply high heat first to force a contraction of the channels and avoid dehydration.  After this heat can be reduced to continue cooking.  Do not apply salt just prior to cooking as this pulls out juices and dehydrates the meat.  Either salt buffalo well in advance of cooking to let it absorb properly (which helps meat reabsorb moisture) or season the meat after cooking.



Beneficial impact on cardiovascular risk profile of water buffalo meat consumption.

Giordano G, Guarini P, Ferrari P, Biondi-Zoccai G, Schiavone B, Giordano A.

Angiology Unit, Villa dei Fiori Hospital, Acerra (NA), Italy.

BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Meat is a good source of proteins and irons, yet its consumption has been associated with unfavorable cardiovascular effects. Whether this applies to all types of meat is unclear. We thus aimed to appraise the impact of water buffalo meat consumption on cardiovascular risk profile with an observational longitudinal study.

SUBJECTS/METHODS: Several important cardiovascular risk features were appraised at baseline and at 12-month follow-up in 300 adult subjects divided in groups: recent consumers of water buffalo meat vs subjects who had never consumed water buffalo meat. In addition, long-standing consumers of water buffalo meat were evaluated.

RESULTS: Age, gender, height, body weight, and the remaining diet (with the exception of cow meat consumption) were similar across groups. From baseline to follow-up, recent consumers of water buffalo meat change their intake of water buffalo meat from none to 600+/-107 g per week (P<0.001), with ensuing reductions in cow meat consumption from 504+/-104 to 4+/-28 (P<0.001). At the end of the study, recent consumers of water buffalo meat showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides levels, lower pulse wave velocity, as well as a more blunted response to oxidative stress from baseline to follow-up in comparison with subjects who had never consumed water buffalo meat (all P<0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Consumption of buffalo meat seems to be associated with several beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk profile. Awaiting further randomized clinical trials, this study suggests that a larger consumption of water buffalo meat could confer significant cardiovascular benefits, while continuing to provide a substantial proportion of the recommended daily allowance of protein.


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Why Buffalo ?        Compared to Beef :

92 % less fat

45% less Calories

67 % less cholesterol

11-30% More Protein

10% More Minerals




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