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Key Points from Presentation From Alcides Ramos Amorim 


The BUFFALO and the ENVIRONMENT:  Ecologically viable  

1a. GOOD FOR THE POCKET - Production Cost 20% Less

1b. GOOD FOR THE HEART - 40% Less Cholesterol

1c. GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Hitches up the Food Chain


2. A partner of ecology.  Feeds on native and more fibrous forage.  Survives well in high places or flooded places, also in hot places or in cold places.  

3.  The buffalo is synonymous with preservation of the environment.  Buffaloes feed in natural environments, while cattle need converted pasture areas created using deforestation and pesticides, which destroys savannahs and wetlands.

4.  Buffalo feces have beneficial microorganisms which they expel into lakes and rivers where they bathe, which serves as food for many species of fish.   

5. Buffaloes help with wild fire control.  They feed on native plants which controls underbrush that can cause fires.

6a.  Needs fewer intoxicating medicines and hormones, which provides economic, health, and environmental benefits to society.

6b.  Has the same diseases of the ox, but on a smaller scale. 

6C. Deworming is only needed up to two years old.  After that buffaloes combat ectoparasites by wallowing in wet clay materials to cool themselves.

6d. Ideal for organic production.

7.  Production costs for buffaloes is 20% lower compared to other cattle (Source UNESP Botucatu)

8.  Buffaloes are less susceptible to attacks by piranhas.  Their tough skin resists puncturing wounds from thorns, which attracts piranhas in water.

9.  Buffaloes defend themselves better and do not lose as many puppies to jaguars in the wild.

10.  A healthier meat means healthier people. 

55% fewer calories

40% less cholesterol

11% more protein

10% more minerals in relation to the cow

Less cholesterol than even chicken and turkey

11. After the fish, buffalo meat is food that has more omega 3, essential to the cardiovascular system.

12.  Buffaloes are ecologically sustainable animals. They are easier on the environment because they feed on what the land produces without human intervention.

13.  The 9 x 10 Buffalo:  Nine pounds of buffalo meat equals ten pounds of the beef in protein terms.

14.  Ecologically feasible. . . YES.   All buffaloes need to provide all these many benefits is YOU!

15.  We can provide you with more reputable source materials that show the importance of the buffalo on the economy, health and ecology.  


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Copyright 2017 American Water Buffalo Association Last modified: 01/15/2017